Meri Maa Swasth Maa – Cancer Education in School and Colleges

‘Meri Maa Swasth Maa’ Program is a cancer education program. Under this program, we organize workshops and awareness talks in association with schools and colleges. The objective of these workshops is to educate the students about breast and cervical cancer and general female health and to make them aware of preventable diseases. One of the main objectives of this program is to make the students responsible for their mother’s health because it is often found that the mother often becomes careless about her health while taking care of everyone. In such a situation, children should know that preventive care of their mother is very important.

If you want to organize ‘Meri Maa Swasth Maa’ program in your school, college or university, Please contact us. Meri Maa Swasth Maa programs are available in both offline and online mode.

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