Preventive Healthcare Programs for Cervical and Breast Cancer

Our objective is to make actionable info available to everyone at the time it matters.

By building actionable information accessible to everyone in the world at the time it matters most, we are doing work to facilitate the early detection and prevention of cervical and breast cancer, and empowering people everywhere to live their best possible lives.


Cervical and Breast Cancer are the top two cancers affecting women in India and worldwide, yet the level of awareness about these cancers are very low.

By organizing free screening and awareness camps we hope to increase the number of women get screened from cervical and breast cancer. In addition, by educating the women and communities about these diseases we improve awareness, decrease the stigma associated with women’s health issues and empower them to take charge of their own health, and make the time to prioritize preventative medicine.

Before the screening camp is performed, Can Protect Foundation use various media to advertise its camp so that more and more women can get benefits of free screening In addition team of CPM also spread awareness in the area, and an education programs are provided at the community level which describes cancer, cervical and breast cancer in particular, and the importance of preventative medicine.

At the screening camps, the women beneficiaries are provided with brochures and an education and awareness session relating to cervical and breast cancer along with other women’s health issues. Together, these activities improve the awareness among the women in India about preventative medicine.