About Us


Can Protect Foundation’s mission is to screen each and every woman in India and educate every woman about breast and cervical cancer symptoms, and essential examinations, and teach them teach them how to do Breast Self-Exam.


We organize free Breast Health Checkup camps, Our health camps provide clinical breast examination, checkups with breast light, FDA-approved iBreastExam, and radiation-free Thermo mammography for early detection of breast cancer. Pap smears and mobile colposcopy are done for cervical cancer prevention., During camps, we also do the training session for Breast Sef Examination. We also encourage the masses about HPV vaccination.


Can Protect Team under the guidance of Dr. Sumita Prabhakar has been working for the past 7 years for the awareness and prevention of Breast and Cervical Cancer in India and to improve women’s healthcare.  Our Breast and cervical evaluation and assessment camps and awareness drives have evaluated over 35,000 women and benefited over 7,00,000 women and numbers of families so far.


Prevention: Screening is the number one way you can minimize your risk of cancer. While screening is the essential step you can take – it’s not the only one. You can take charge of your health by knowing your family history and possible risk factors, eating a balanced diet, exercising, limiting alcohol use and not smoking. Together, this is cancer we can do something about.

Early Detection: Cancer that’s diagnosed at an early stage, before it’s had the chance to get too big or spread is more likely to be treated successfully. If cancer has spread, treatment becomes more difficult, and generally, a person’s chances of surviving are much lower. More than 90% of women diagnosed with breast cancer at the earliest stage survive their disease for at least 5 years compared to around 15% for women diagnosed with the most advanced stage of the disease.

Women Health: CPF was founded in an effort to address the inadequate information and awareness available on women’s health and to bring issues of women’s health to the forefront of basic healthcare awareness. Through advocacy, education, and promotion, We have been making significant strides toward the advancement of women’s health throughout India.