Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Education Workshop for Breast Cancer

Dr Sumita Prabhakar

During Breast Cancer Month, in October, the Can Protect Foundation organized the “Meri Maa Swasth Maa” program at Sunrise Academy, Dehradun. In this program, Dr Sumita Prabhakar educates the girl students, their mothers, teachers and other staff about common health issues of women in various stages of life.

How to Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

She talked about prevention, and ways to reduce risk, and busted various myths and good eating habits. She urged women to follow the old traditional eating habits of Dadi and Nani. After this, detailed information about breast cancer was also given in which she gave emphasis on regular screening, exercise, and breastfeeding. Dr Sumita also told everyone about the Breast Self-exam and CAN app. All the women downloaded the CAN app during the event itself. Dr Sumita urged the students to inform their favourite five women in the family about breast self-examination and ask them to do a Breast self-examination every month.Free Breast Health Checkup and Screening Camp

After this, the breast health checkup camp was organised where Doctors examine the mothers of the students, staff and teachers. The screening was done in this camp with a state-of-the-art FDA-approved iBreast machine. Few women also availed of the facility of gynaecological check-ups. Many students talked to the doctor about their health issues, while some students came forward about their mother’s health problems.

We are thankful to the Director of Sunrise Academy Mrs Pooja Pokhriyal for always encouraging cancer awareness programs in her school by coming forward in our mission of women’s health and cancer prevention. We thank the medical team of Can Protect Foundation consisting of Dr Rekha Khanna, Dr Huma, Dr Vinita Singh and Dr Pooja who conducted the health check-up of the women in the health camp.

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