100 women screening for breast disease in Dehradun

To mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month October Can Protect Foundation started its October activity to create awareness on breast cancer and make healthcare reachable to all sections, Can Protect Foundation organized a free cancer awareness and screening camp in Siddhartha Paradise Society, Dehradun on 2nd October 2019. More than 100 women were examined for breast diseases in the camp and informed about breast self-examination.

This breast cancer awareness event is part of Can Protect Foundation’s extensive community outreach program designed to provide access to screening to all Dehradun women residents and also marked as the first activity during Breast Cancer Awareness Month October 2019.

Gynecological checkup of women, awareness cum detection of breast cancer, free consultation facilities were provided during the camp. Apart from that workshop for Breast Self Examination was also conducted for the women. Free educational material on breast self-examination, menstrual hygiene and women’s health were also distributed to women.

Breast Cancer is the leading cause of death globally, taking a heavy toll on women’s lives and destroying families of cancer patients due to mental agony and heavy cost of treatment. Most of the patients are detected with the disease in the advanced stages leaving very less hope of survival. Prevention and Early detection is the only way to save precious life” said Dr. Sumita Prabhakar, President Can Protect Foundation.




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