117 women benefit from Free Breast Cancer Awareness Camp

On June 14, 2014, with the initiative of Dr. Sumita Prabhakar, Can Protect Foundation was pleased to host a free medical camp for women with facilities like breast cancer awareness and screening at Siddharth Paradise Society, Panditwadi Dehradun.

The purpose of the camp was to provide community outreach and health screening, as well as to promote breast self-examination education among women. Services included gynecological consultation, screening for breast diseases, workshops on breast self-examination, and distribution of educational material of breast cancer prevention, breast self-examination. The camp was a huge success as we were able to see 117 women throughout.

We were extremely pleased with the success of free breast cancer awareness and women’s health camp. Thanks to the participation of wonderful volunteers, we successfully saw and spread awareness of breast cancer to almost 150 women. With continued outreach screening, the health of the community will inevitably improve, and knowledge of breast cancer prevention methods will be enhanced.

The patients were seen by the medical team of Can Protect Foundation Dr. Huma Parveen, Dr. Rekha Khanna, We want to acknowledge and thank all those that volunteered their time to help serve with us at the medical camp.


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