158 women availed the facility of free breast screening at Dehradun

To protect women from the risk of breast cancer and to assess their risk, a breast cancer prevention and awareness camp were organized by Can Protect Foundation by the initiative of Dr. Sumita Prabhakar at Jain Dharamshala in Dehradun.

At the camp, 158 women were screened for breast diseases and all women were given detailed information on breast self-examination and how all women can do this simple test in their home.
The gynecological examination of women was also done by the Can Protect Foundation’s medical team.

The purpose of the camp was to make women aware of the risks of breast and cervical cancer and screen them for breast diseases. Many women visiting the camp said that for the first time they have received information on reducing the risk of breast cancer and they will share this information with women living in their homes and around the house. Unusual symptoms have been found in some women. These women have been told about further checkups.

More than 25 thousand women have been screened so far by the Can Protect Foundation. Prevention of breast cancer requires that breast cancer be detected early so that successful treatment can be done. Most women go to the doctors when they have pain or other symptoms but by then cancer reaches the second or third stage. Can Protect Foundation identifies cancer in the pre-cancer stage by screening healthy women to ensure successful treatment.

We are thankful to the volunteers and medical team including Dr. Huma Parveen, Dr. Vinita Singh, Nirmala Rana for their invaluable time and service during the camp. We also thank Mrs. Rama Goyal who inspired the women to come for the checkup.


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