43 Women Screened | 4th Free Breast Screening Camp organized at Coronation Hospital, Dehradun

Breast Cancer Camp Dehradun

Breast Cancer Camp Dehradun

It is likely that Breast cancer if detected early can be curable. To not let this opportunity fall away just because of lack of awareness, negligence, and resources Can Protect Foundation organizes Free Breast Cancer Screening Camp at Coronation Hospital, Dehradun on 20th July 2018.

Organized with the aim of promoting breast cancer awareness among the women and offering them easy access to early screening facilities. We have also offered Free Gynecology consultation, Women were also taught how to undertake their self-breast examinations. 45 women screened during the camp, 1 women were identified with a lump and referred for further investigation, two women diagnosed with breast cancer and referred for further investigation.

“A remarkable feature of this camp is that in spite of the huge crowd who have turned up here today, all the screening, gynecology consultation are being handled systematically, ensuring minimal inconveniences for us.” One of the women said.

Free Breast screening camp is held every month in Coronation Hospital by Can Protect Foundation. 

Special thanks to Dr. L.C. Punetha and Dr. Ajeet Gairola and staff of the Coronation Hospital for their support for the great cause and our vote of appreciation to all the ones who helped to make this camp a success especially Dr. Vinita and Dr. Huma, and Sister Nirmala.

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