Breast cancer awareness, best ways to spread awareness about breast cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Breast Cancer Awareness emphasizes the importance of early diagnosis of breast cancer. Breast cancer awareness can reduce the breast cancer death rate. If women are aware of breast cancer, then only they will get their regular screening and will know the importance of early detection. It is the duty of every woman to always be aware of her health. All women should do their own breast self-exam every month for breast cancer awareness and early diagnosis.

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Women should do these steps to spread awareness about breast cancer 

Make five women aware of breast cancer

Every woman should educate at least five women about breast cancer. Women should be told about breast cancer risk factors, early symptoms, breast lumps and not every lump is cancerous. Along with this, women should also tell other women that not every breast lump is cancerous, but if any lump is detected, a doctor should be consulted immediately.

Breast self-examination

All women should perform their Breast Self-Exam every month and they should do it regularly without missing it. Women should tell other women that she does their own breast self-exam every month and they should do the same. Remember, this small thing you said can save someone’s life. Women can find any abnormal symptoms if they check their breasts.

Download the Canapp

Canapp is a breast cancer awareness app and it teaches women how to do breast self-examination. Not only this, women can create their monthly health profile in the CAN app. You can track your period. This app also reminds users to do a Breast Self-Exam. In the CAN app, any unusual symptom can be marked at its right place.

Get Screened

By the time the symptoms of breast cancer are felt, it has reached an advanced stage. That’s why every healthy woman should get screened. Breast Self-Exam is the basic screening method which should be done every month. A mammogram is an advanced screening method and it should be done every year or once in two years. With this, breast cancer can be detected before symptoms are felt. Apart from this, clinical breast examination is also a method which is done by the doctor. Women should cooperate in the screening of women who are financially weak.

So you too can contribute to breast cancer awareness by adopting these easy ways. If you want to talk to us, then you can contact us on the contact form given on this website.

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