Can Protect Foundation & Indian Army Collaborate for Women’s Health: Free Cancer Screenings at Meerut

In a significant initiative for women’s health, Can Protect Foundation successfully organized a free breast and cervical cancer screening camp on 18th August 2023 for the families of Indian Army personnel. The ‘Swasth Veerangana’ Health Camp, held at the Meerut Army Station in partnership with ADGPI – Indian Army and Army Wives Welfare Association (AWWA), provided vital screenings and education to this important community.

Comprehensive Screenings and Education

The screening camp offered a range of essential medical services to attendees. Skilled medical professionals performed clinical breast examinations, breastlight evaluations, thermo mammograms, and FDA-approved iBreast exams. Crucially, the camp also provided pap smears for the early detection of cervical cancer.

Beyond the screenings, Can Protect Foundation emphasized the importance of preventative care and health education. Participants received guidance on conducting regular breast self-examinations, facilitated by the Canapp, a user-friendly Android application designed for this purpose by Can Protect Foundation.

Commitment to Collaboration and Well-being

This breast and cervical cancer screening camp demonstrates Can Protect Foundation’s unwavering commitment to women’s health. It also exemplifies the Indian Army’s prioritization of the health and well-being of its military families. Can Protect Foundation acknowledges the instrumental support of Col Alok Gupta in coordinating and facilitating this impactful event. The Foundation further extends its gratitude to the dedicated medical team, including Dr. Rekha, Dr. Huma, Sister Malti, and the iBreastExam team.


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