Can Protect Foundation launches campaign to raise awareness about cervical cancer

Can Protect Foundation has launched a campaign to raise awareness and prevention of cervical cancer. The second largest cause of cancer death in Indian women at age 15 to 44 is cervical cancer.

The Foundation’s goal is to reduce cervical cancer morbidity and mortality through early detection, public and, preventive education and encourage girls and women to obtain regular screening & vaccination. Through the campaign, women can do Pap Smear test with 50% discount at our screening center in CMI Dehradun, we will sponsor 50% amount of pap smear.

Our goal is to get the word out to prevent cervical cancer by vaccination, paps, and follow-up testing,” said Dr. Sumita Prabhakar

A special poster has also been designed for spreading awareness in schools, offices, public places, malls, showrooms, and hospitals.

Cervical Cancer Awareness Poster by Can Protect Foundation

Cervical Cancer Awareness and Prevention India



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