Chakrata: Free Women’s health camp with Breast and Cervical screening organized

A multi-level breast and cervical cancer awareness, prevention and free women’s health camp was organized by Can Protect Foundation under the leadership of Dr Sumita Prabhakar in collaboration with Smt. Madhu Tomar Chauhan, President of District Panchayat Dehradun on 21st November 2021 at Community Health Center, Chakrata, a hub of Jaunsar Bawar region of Uttarakhand. In the camp, 210 women were examined by Dr Sumita Prabhakar and were given the necessary information about the symptoms, precautions, prevention of breast cancer and cervical cancer. Abnormal symptoms of pre-cancer have been found in 5 women, who have been asked for further investigation and our team is in touch with these women.

The camp was inaugurated by Mrs Madhu Chauhan and Dr Sumita Prabhakar. Mrs Madhu Chauhan honoured Dr Sumita Prabhakar by giving her a Jaunsari jacket and bouquet. A memento was presented by Dr Sumita Prabhakar to Mrs Madhu Chauhan as a gesture of thank you for her dedication and hard work for the camp.

Can Protect Foundation supports the Global Strategy of WHO 90 70 90 to accelerate the elimination of cervical cancer.  We are working on a goal to promote and offer free vaccination to girls below the age of 15 and Screening using a high-performance test and also treatment to the women found with abnormal symptoms.

Facilities during the health camp at Chakrata

Gynaecological checkup, a checkup of pregnant women, menstrual problems, fibroid issues, stress urinary incontinence issues, fertility issues, dietician guidance, haemoglobin, sugar test, breast checkup by the doctor and advanced examinations like thermo-mammography, USFDA approved iBreastexam for the assessment of breast diseases, pap smear and mobile colposcopy for cervical diseases were offered to all the women free of cost. Medicines were also distributed free of cost.

Health Talk on Women’s Health by Dr Sumita Prabhakar

Dr Sumita Prabhakar gave a health talk to women about good health and cancer prevention information and early detection of Breast Cancer and prevention of Cervical Cancer, and HPV vaccination. About 127 women were present during this health talk. Dr Sumita Prabhakar told women the virtues of a good healthy lifestyle. He said that women should not hesitate to talk about any women health issues.

Breast Self Exam

She told the women that women must check their breasts once every month and this test itself is called breast self-examination. Dr Sumita told the women that if women check their breasts every month, then they themselves would come to know about any abnormal changes at the right time. She urged the women to download the CAN app, which is the first such app in the world, through which women can easily learn breast self-examination in their own language as this app is available in Hindi, English, Garhwali and Avadhi language and available free of cost on Google Play Store. Canapp provides accurate information related to breast and cervical cancer. Dr Sumita told the women that cervical cancer is a highly preventable cancer and women can be aware of it by getting themselves checked once a year. She gave detailed information about Pap smears to all the women and also told at what age women should start having pap smears.

Distribution of Pamphlets of Dengue prevention, and Diabetes

In view of the increase in dengue cases in Uttarakhand, the Can Protect Foundation distributed pamphlets on 10 important things to prevent dengue, diabetes and good health at a health camp organized in Chakrata. The purpose behind distributing these pamphlets was to increase health awareness.

We thank Mrs Madhu Tomar Chauhan for taking the initiative. We thank all the staff and doctors of Chakrata Community Health Center for their cooperation. We also thank Meera Joshi, Ritesh Aswal, Monika Agarwal, Anil Chandna, Anand Rana.

Our gratitude to the team of Can Protect Foundation, Dr Rekha Khanna, Dr Vinita Singh, Sister Malti, Priyanka, Surendra, Pradeep, Lalit Anand, Ritu Anand and Sameer Datta for their services in the camp.

Press Coverage of Health Camp at Chakrata

Photo Gallery of the Health Camp at Chakrata


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