Can Protect Foundation organizes free women’s health camp for Uttarakhand Police on International Women’s Day

On the occasion of International Women’s Week 2021, the Can protect Foundation in association with Uttarakhand Police Wives Welfare Association (UPWAA) and

Uttarakhand Police offered free services of women's health and cervical and breast screening camps for the female police staff, female members of the police families under the leadership of Dr
Sumita Prabhakar. The camps were organized at Police Lines Dehradun on 14th March 2021 and on 16th March 2021 at Police Lines Haridwar.

Free Women's health camp by Dr Sumita Prabhakar's Can Protect Foundation

Dr Sumita Prabhakar doing free health checkup of women from Uttarakhand Police and raising awareness for breast and cervical cancer and how early detection helps.

Free Mammography and Pap smear facilities offered

Free Mammography and Pap smear tests which are highly recommended for breast and cervical cancer screening were conducted on as many as 234 police personnel and free gynaecological consultation was provided by Dr Sumita Prabhakar and Dr Rekha Khanna. Facilities like haemoglobin check, blood pressure, blood sugar and bone density were offered free of cost during the camp. The highlight of the camp was the launch of the first-ever USA FDA approved Ibreast exam health device which can detect a very very small lump in a few minutes now women can avail of a free Ibreast exam facility in our upcoming camps.

Speaking during the camp, Dr Alaknanda Ashok, President of UPWAA, emphasized the need for more awareness of cancer screening tests. We have always got the great support of Dr Alaknanda Ashok in our previous camps also and we are so thankful to her for encouraging women to go for screening.
Women also learned Breast Self Examination during the camp with the help of CANAPP an android app available free of cost on the Google Play Store which is useful for breast cancer education and awareness.

Our sincere thanks to the management of UPWAA especially Dr Alaknanda Ashok (President), and Mrs Lata Rawat (Secretary) for their support, guidance and encouragement. The presence of Dr Alaknanda Ashok boosted the zeal of the female police staff and also motivated the volunteers. Can Protect Foundation acknowledges the efforts of Juhi Manral, Poornima Garg and Sarita Dhobhal (SP City Dehradun) of Uttarakhand Police in the preparation and execution of the camp.

We salute all the Doctors of Team Can protect foundation especially Dr. Rekha Khanna Dr Vinita Singh, Dr Deepika Rana, Dr. Pooja, Nursing Staff Nirmala, Malti and Sarita, paramedical staff, our senior member Mr Lalit Anand, Secretary Mr Praveen Dang for rendering their honorary service during this noble cause.

The objective of these camps was to cover women in the reproductive age group who are working tirelessly under extreme conditions especially during the Corona Pandemic to serve the people of our state.” When women are diagnosed in the advanced stages, we cannot save them. We want to raise awareness that breast cancer is curable when detected early and cervical cancer is preventable and that it is crucial for women to go for cancer screening as recommended.

On this year's International Women's Day, Can Protect Foundation conducted a free women's health and cancer screening camp by following all the guidelines of COVID-19.
Around 60 women participated in the exclusive free health check-up, screening, and gynae consultation camp, which was conducted by Dr. Sumita Prabhakar on March 8 at CMI Hospital Dehradun.

Free Pap Smear, thermo-mammogram, clinical breast examination and gynaecological consultations and COVID 19 vaccine education were provided.

Women at the camp also downloaded CANAPP that helps the women to learn Breast Self Exam and also helps to track blood pressure, sugar blood, bone health inspection, dietary counselling, personal and menstrual hygiene, Body Mass Index (BMI) and gynaecology in cervical, breast and uterine cancers.