Military Hospital Dehradun Partners with Can Protect Foundation for vital Cancer Screening

Dr. Sumita Prabhakar Educates on Breast and Cervical Cancer at Swasth Veerangana Health Camp at Military Hospital Dehradun

Swasth Veerangana Health Camp

To raise awareness about the importance of early detection in the fight against breast and cervical cancer, the Can Protect Foundation, in collaboration with the Indian Army, Military Hospital Dehradun and SHO, hosted a Breast and Cervical Cancer Awareness Camp named “Swasth Veerangana Health Camp” at the Military Hospital Dehradun. This crucial event took place on February 11th, 2024, and aimed to provide vital information and potentially life-saving screening services to women family members of Indian Army. The camp was officially inaugurated by the esteemed Mrs. Kaveri Prem Raj, President of the Family Welfare Organization (FWO). The organizers were pleased with the strong turnout, underscoring the significance of addressing women’s health needs and combating these prevalent forms of cancer.


Taking Screening to Doorsteps – Free of Cost

Cancer screening plays a pivotal role in combating the devastating effects of this disease. Early detection, made possible through screenings, is a game-changer. When cancer is identified in its early stages, treatment options are often more effective and less invasive, leading to significantly improved outcomes for patients. Moreover, screening programs offer comprehensive cancer prevention education, empowering individuals to understand risk factors and make informed lifestyle choices that support their overall health. The Can Protect Foundation recognizes the significance of these measures and thus provides free cancer screening and education services. Their motive is to ensure that these life-altering services are accessible to everyone regardless of financial constraints. By bridging the gap, they make it possible for the early detection and the effective prevention of cancer, profoundly affecting the well-being of our community.

Health Talk by Dr. Sumita Prabhakar

Dr. Sumita Prabhakar Educates on Breast and Cervical Cancer at Swasth Veerangana Health Camp at Military Hospital Dehradun

During the camp, Dr. Sumita Prabhakar, Founder and President of Can Protect Foundation and a leading gynocologist, delivered an empowering Health Talk focused on women’s health. She emphasized the reality that cancer risks can exist at all ages. Dr. Prabhakar discussed common signs and symptoms of breast cancer, such as lumps, discharge, and pain, educating attendees on the importance of being vigilant about their health. She advocated for preventative measures like maintaining a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, and limiting alcohol use. Additionally, Dr. Prabhakar demonstrated essential breast self-examination techniques to help women actively monitor their breast health. Finally, she explained the role of technology in supporting awareness, highlighting how Canapp can educate women in their local languages about breast and cervical cancer and provide reminders for checkups or self-exams.

Comprehensive Screening Facilities

The Breast and Cervical Cancer Awareness Camp offered an array of essential services to promote women’s health. Participants benefited from vital checks, including monitoring blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and other health indicators. Gynecological examinations were available, providing women with comprehensive assessments by healthcare professionals. The camp also featured advanced breast screening machines for early cancer detection. Importantly, Pap smears, a crucial tool in identifying precancerous cervical changes, were offered as part of the camp’s services.

Commandant Brig Parikshit Singh expressed gratitude for the efforts and services of the Can Protect Foundation. He specifically commended Dr. Sumita Prabhakar’s health talk for highlighting crucial women’s health topics. Additionally, Col Alok Gupta reinforced the importance of cancer prevention and early detection, ensuring that attendees left the camp with a wealth of knowledge and a heightened sense of proactive health practices.

Acknowledgement and Support

The Can Protect Foundation wishes to express its sincerest gratitude to several individuals who made the Breast and Cervical Cancer Awareness Camp a resounding success. We specifically thank Brig Parikshit Singh and Col Alok Gupta from the Military Hospital for their invaluable support and collaboration in organizing this impactful event. Additionally, the expertise and dedication of Dr. Rekha, Dr. Huma, Dr. Monika, and Dr. Poonam Chandel were instrumental in providing vital screening services and health consultations to the participants. Their compassionate care made a significant difference in the lives of the women who attended.

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