Workshop organized to raise awareness about Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Workhsop for early detection

Celebrating International Women’s Week Can Protect Foundation organised a breast cancer awareness workshop in association with Voice of Doon for the residents and staff of Pacific Golf Estate Dehradun on March 7 2021. The workshop provided women with important information about the prevention, screening tests for early detection, and the treatment of breast cancer.

Dr. Sumita Prabhakar

The event was inaugurated by SP, Uttarakhand Police Smt Jaya Balooni, President of Can Protect Foundation and senior Gynecologist Dr. Sumita Prahakar, Mrs Shakti Manocha, Mrs. Anjum Aggarwal and Sarika Panchhi.

Dr. Sumita Prabhakar raised awareness about cancer among women.

Dr. Sumita Prabhakar, senior gynaecologist and President of the Can Protect Foundation, said that “We always seek to educate women about Breast and Cervical Cancer and inform them about the prevention and early detection methods.

During the workshop, a visual presentation was screened by Dr Sumita Prabhakar informing women How they can do their regular monthly breast self-examination at their home and what are measures and regular screening methods can help in early detection. Women were also informed about the importance of the Pap Smear test at what interval it should be repeated.

Women were also told about the Canapp which is the first app of its kind developed by the team of Can Protect Foundation which helps women learn Breast Self Examination and mark any abnormal changes. Many women downloaded Canapp on their mobile and shared that the app is easy to use.

SP, Uttarakhand Police Smt Jaya Balooni gave a speech about the prevention of crime, which was really informational especially for women.

We are thankful to the team of Voice and Doon for helping us in our mission of breast and cervical cancer awareness and women’s health. We are also thankful to SP Uttarakhand Police Smt Jaya Balooni for coming to this event and motivate women about their health.

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