Mothers Day 2019: Free Medical Camp at Premdham Old Age Home Dehradun

On the occasion of Mothers Day 2019, Can Protect Foundation organized a Free medical camp at Premdham Old Age Home, Dehradun on 12th May 2019 (Sunday).

Premdham Old Age home dehradun

Health issues are of major concern for every senior citizen. A highly experienced and brilliant team of Can Protect Foundation participated in the camp and contributed their services to improve the health of elderly women living in Premdham. Free diabetes test, Bone Density Test and blood pressure checkup were also conducted. Free medicines were distributed to the patients.

Premdham Old Age home dehradun

Not only elderly women but all the staff and elderly men of the Premdham old age home got benefits of free health services. About 40 patients were examined for different diseases by Dr. Sumita Prabhakar and her team of other Doctors.

Dr Sumita Prabhakar

Dr Sumita Prabhakar

Breast Checkup and Self Breast Examination Training

All the women living at Premdham were given a free breast checkup facility during the camp. The medical team of Can Protect Foundation conducted clinical breast examination and breast light checkup and found 4 suspicious cases which will be inspected further. The staff and elderly women were also trained on how to practice Self Breast Examination.

Health Talk by Dr. Sumita Prabhakar

On this occasion, president of Can Protect Foundation Dr. Sumita Prabhakar delivered a health talk on old age problems and breast cancer. She said that breast cancer is the commonest cancer in women. India is facing the highest and increasing incidence of breast cancer. The best way to fight this cancer is to detect it early. All women are at risk of developing breast cancer. She added that in majority women breast cancer is first noticed as a lump in the breast. However swelling of the upper arm or swelling or lump in the armpit can also be the signs of breast cancer. She said early detection was the best option. The best way to detect is to perform a monthly breast self-exam (BSE). Dr. Sumita said a regular BSE takes only five minutes, and if done correctly, it may detect a possible breast problem.

Can Protect Foundation considers it a privilege to be able to take care of the health of elderly women and aid them in any way which can reduce their pain and suffering. Can Protect Foundation will continue its efforts to bring quality healthcare to their doorsteps. The health and well being of the society’s aged should not just be considered a responsibility of their children, the society as a whole should come forward to become the supporting pillar for the elderly.

Premdham Old Age home dehradun

Special thanks to Sister Anjali of Premdham for allowing us to conduct health and breast cancer awareness and checkup camp in their premises and to Amar Ujala foundation for their support for the camp. Our vote of appreciation to all the ones who helped to make this camp a success especially Dr. Vinita, Mr. Lalit Anand, Mr. Madhukant Kaushik, and all other volunteers of Can Protect Foundation.


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