Reduce the risk of cervical cancer with HPV vaccine : Dr Sumita Prabhakar

dr sumita prabhakar views on cervical cancer vaccine

In view of the increasing rate of cervical cancer, Dr Sumita Prabhakar appeals to Uttarakhand Government and Officials that free vaccines should be made available to adolescent girls in Uttarakhand. This will greatly reduce the risk of cervical cancer caused by HPV infection to adolescent girls in future and will also reduce the cervical cancer rate in the country and our state. This will prove to be a great step taken for women’s health.

Thanks to all the media people who brought this issue of women’s health to the public and the administration.
We want to tell you the fact that cervical cancer is preventable cancer but still, due to carelessness towards screening and knowledge of vaccination and economic compulsion, every 8 minutes 1 woman dies of cervical cancer in India. India accounts for around 16% of the total cervical cancer deaths in the world.

January is the month of cervical cancer awareness, you can become a participant in the fight against this cervical cancer, first of all, if you have a girl aged 9 to 12 in your home, then talk to the doctor about the vaccine today, if there is a woman in the house, then encourage them to go for screening or routine checkup annually.

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