Can Protect Foundation organized free multi-specialty medical camp in Uttaranchal Press Club, Dehradun

Medical camp in Uttaranchal Pres Club Dehradun

Free multi-specialty medical camps for journalists and their families were organized at Uttaranchal Press Club, Dehradun by the Can Protect Foundation. In addition to free consultations, checkups, and Breast cancer screening the camps also offered diagnostic tests free of cost.

Medical camp in Uttaranchal Pres Club Dehradun

More than 240 people, including families, visited Uttaranchal Press Club, Dehradun to attend the free Multispeciality medical camp on Sunday, 30th September 2018. Organized with the aim of promoting health awareness among the Journalist and offering them easy access to quality healthcare, the camp offered specialist consultations in Neurology, Gynecology, Orthopaedic, Dentistry, Ophthalmology, laboratory investigations (50% off) Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure, Ben Density Test and all completely free of charges. We have also distributed the coupon for executive screening worth Rs. 4000 only in Rs. 999.

The camp also provided Breast cancer screening facility, Team of the doctors also carried out free training on Breast Self Examination for women. Held from 10 am to 2 pm, the camp offered free multi-specialty.  A team of specialist doctors and nurses conducted consultations and checkups across various specialist departments. Patients requiring diagnostic examinations were tested and their results issued immediately.

The camp was staffed by well-known Doctors like Dr. Mahesh Kudiyal (Neurology), Dr. Sumita Prabhakar (Gynecology), Dr. Bimal Nautiyal (Physician), Dr. Rajiv Dwivedi (Orthopedics), Rastogi Dental Clinic (Dental Disease), Sony Optical (Eye Check), who offered their services free of cost.

Dr. Sumita Prabhakar, the Founder President of Can Protect Foundation said that regular health camps organized by Can Protect Foundation were intended to benefit the public. “This is our way of giving back to the society,” she said. During the Breast Cancer Awareness month October, a number of free breast cancer screening and awareness camps are being organized by the Can Protect Foundation.

Details of upcoming Breast cancer screening camps: 

1 October Dr. Meenu Vaishya (Mehar Hospital)
3 to 4 October Dr. Benazir Shyampur Rishikesh
5 October Dr. Vaishnavi Purohit
7 October Nirmal Ashram Rishikesh
10 October Cantt Hospital Dehradun
15 to 30 Oct. Dr. Sumita Prabhakar CMI Hospital
17 October NIVH
18 October Dr. Rekha Shrivastav
19 October Revathy Nursing Home
23 October Coronation Hospital
25 October Dr. Khanna (Wonder Women Club)
27 to 28 October Agarwal Dharamsala

Dr. Mahesh Kuriyal, Patron of the Can Protect Foundation said that the multi-specialty facility organized in this camp is highly beneficial for the people, not only by giving them cost-free access to high-quality health care services but also by promoting health awareness. “In addition to making a conscious effort to raise awareness on lifestyle-diseases, the camps also stress the need for early detection and prevention,” he said.

Mr. Bhpendra Kandari, the President of Uttaranchal Press Club, Dehradun  said, “This multi-specialty medical Camp is one of the best ways to serve the community, and we are thankful to Can Protect Foundation for doing their best in orgazing this camp every year.”

Commenting on the facilities in the medical camp, Uttaranchal Press Club, Dehradun’s secretary Mr. Ravindra Barthwal said: “Can Protect Foundation is an exemplary NGO working for the healthcare of needy people. The services provided by Can Protect Foundation are truly high-quality and comprehensive. It has excellent doctors and state-of-the-art facilities.”

Families and people of all age groups attended the camp. Mr. Girdhar Sharma, Senior vice president of the Uttaranchal Press Club Dehradun who attended the camp, said that they found the event very helpful, especially since it included free diagnostics, in addition to consultation. “I feel that the doctors and staff here are very friendly and patient, making an extra effort to ensure that we were at ease. A remarkable feature of this camp is that in spite of the huge crowd who have turned up here today, all the tests, consultations and Checkups are being handled systematically, ensuring minimal inconveniences for visitors,” he said.

Can Protect Foundation sincerely acknowledges the support of Uttaranchal Press Club Dehradun working committee 2018 to help us organize this camp. We also acknowledge and appreciate with gratitude the services and support provided by all the Dr. Bimal Nautiyal (Physician), Dr. Rajiv Dwivedi (Orthopedics), Rastogi Dental Clinic (Dental Disease), and Sony Optical (Eye Check). Last but not the least, we appreciate and thankful for the services of all the local volunteers.


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